Pick 'n' Macs 570GT roofline, 570S sharpness. The Sports Series' sweet spot?  

OF THE THREE siblings in McLaren’s Sports Series junior supercar family (570S, 570GT and 570 Spider), the GT is intended to be the most rounded and easiest to live with.

To that end, it was launched with slightly kinder spring rates and a two per cent slower-geared steering rack than the S and Spider, to make it a touch less mentally and physically taxing to drive.

Supercar-buying psychology being the funny thing it is, though, some customers did want the extra luggage space of the GT (accessed beneath an E-Type-style side-hinged glass cover), but didn’t want to make any compromise on dynamics - or, one suspects, didn’t want others to think they’d chosen the softer option. Macho things, supercars.

Hence the new Sport Pack, born from customer demand. A £4900 option, it equips the GT with the same steering rack, uprights and damper actuators as the S/Spider, adds a set of softer Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres, and electronically sharpens the adaptive shocks, power steering and ESC accordingly.

MCLAREN 570GT SPORT PACKThat hasn’t made the GT uncomfortable - even without big brother 720’s clever interconnected hydraulic suspension the 570S and Sport Pack-equipped 570GT both ride beautifully. At no point did I wish it had softer suspension, nor slower steering for that matter. That said, though, when I last drove a standard-spec 5701 didn’t wish it had quicker steering, or firmer dampers - it’s not a car you’d ever call wallowy.

What seems contrary on paper might just be the pick of the Sports Series combos; its mix of elegant roofline and pin-sharp handling is particularly alluring. Buying a supercar should never be a rational purchase, after all. JAMES TAYLOR  

> Price : £161,900 > Engine : 3799cc 32v twin-turbo V8, 562bhp @ 7500rpm, 443lb ft @ 5000rpm  > Transmission : 7-spd dual-clutch, rear-wheel drive > Performance : 3.4sec 0-62mph, 204mph, 26.6mpg (est), 249g/km C02 > Weight : 1486kg  > On sale : August 2018  > Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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