‘Fast’ or ‘Four Leaves’?

That the Alfa Giulia Veloce is no Quadrifoglio sounds like bad news. It isn’t. By Ben Miller

YOU DON’T NEED fluent Italian to know that while ‘fast’ is ‘fast’, ‘four leaves’ is faster. Thus the Veloce sits some way below the full-house Quadrifoglio in the Alfa Romeo Giulia range; not as fast, as overtly aggressive, quite as visually arresting nor anything like as expensive. UK Veloce pricing kicks off at £38,265. You’ll need another £23k to go shopping for a Quadrifoglio.

JAGUAR XE 300 SPORT, Call of The Mild

SIX-CYLINDER COMPACT saloons are a dying breed more often seen on the endangered- species list than spotted out in the wild. Take the supercharged Jaguar XE S; the rear-wheel-drive V6 has warbled its last and been replaced by this addition to the XE range, the 300 Sport special edition.

The yellow badges and interior stitching from the limited-run F-Type 400 Sport are back, but this time there’s a 2.0-litre turbocharged four with all- wheel drive, which sounds like a poor substitute for 3.5 litres and rear-drive.

But are the Competition version’s gains over the regular M5 actually any use? And are they worth paying £6500 for? By Georg Kacher

MARGINAL GAINS. Not the sexiest of concepts – the idea of a little bit here and a little bit there making a significant difference – but it’s worked a treat for all sorts of sporting set-ups, from Team Sky at the Tour de France to Gareth Southgate’s England at the World Cup. But does it work here? Thing is, the current BMW M5 uses a lot of technology to deliver a lot of performance at a high price. It’s a very rewarding, very full-on driving experience. Add a bit more power, tweak the tech and charge more money, and you get the M5 Competition, offered for sale alongside the regular M5. Gains, for sure, but not gamechangers.



The ultra-Huracan, the air-bending Performante, gains a roof-less version. The best of all worlds? By Gareth Evans

FORGET STRADA AND Sport modes. In the Performante Spyder you need only engage the full-noise, manual-shift cacophony of adrenaline that is Corsa.

It’s a configuration that perfectly matches this athletic Italian’s aggressive aesthetics.
We know from the coupe that the Performante isn’t a normal Huracan. Its unique twin exhausts, in place of the standard car’s quad ovals, poke proudly from the rear valance like cannons, trick active aero serves to raise the Lambo’s limits still higher, and the Performante gets a pokier engine and optimised chassis.


Sorted, sort of 20 years on, and facing an exciting new rival, the TT gets only tiny tweaks

THE THIRD-GENERATION Audi TT has had it easy in terms of competition, but looming large in its rear-view mirror is the driver-focused Alpine A110 – a two-seat coupe brimming with more historical petrolhead significance than the start/finish straight at Reims.

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